Project blue swallow

Steven Evans

The blue swallow is a globally threatened sub-Saharan African grassland endemic. Grasslands are one of the most intensively inhabited and altered ecosystems. Historical and current information on blue swallow distributions in Uganda form the foundation of determining the first set of areas that need to be surveyed. This data will supply information on the preferred grassland types and cadastral features preferred by the birds. Using this information further localities will be identified and selected for surveying. According to historical information, Uganda is supposed to be the largest non-breeding range of the blue swallow. The main blue swallow localities that are not currently part of, or identified, as Important Bird Areas will be proposed for selection as such. Identification of the major threats to these areas and their incorporation into the Important Bird Areas Conservation Programme results in the areas selected due to this surveys forming part of a conservation programme aimed at improving the conservation status of the selected Important Bird Areas.

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