Project Eakehei

Elliott P Toyne

Parrots in Peril won awards in 1992 and 1994 and this year Project Eakehei is one of the Follow-up Award winners. Results from the 1994 project included the collection of complementary information to that compiled by the 1992 project. This included data on nesting, sites and feeding ecology of H. pyrrhops. Data was also gathered on P. albipectus and L. branickii, the former of which was found at a new location. The butterfly study collected 587 specimens which were later identified at the British Natural History Museum, London, to map the distribution of approximately 300 species within the park. The herpetological surveys also took place at the butterfly study sites and the discovery of 2 new species of amphibians indicated the need for further taxa studies within the park.

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