Project Garuda

Pupung Firman Nurwatha

Mts. Burangrang and Tangkuban Perahu sized 4,36 ha located north of Bandung are given priority in this project. At least seven pairs of Javan Hawk-eagle were recorded here and therefore the area is an important area for the survival of this species. The area also harbours 70% of the montane Javan RR species, four globally threatened species and three species of primates endemic to Java. Other rare mammals such Javan Pangolin (Manis javanica) and Leopard (Panthera pardus) still occur in the area. The area: The location is not only one of the last refuges for endangered wildlife but also the main water catchment area for the cities of Bandung, Subang and Purwakarta. Strategically the area is close to Bandung, the capital city of West Java Province, and easy to access which makes the area feasible to develop as a centre for the urban community awareness programme and for scientific research. Presently the area is threatened by forest destruction. Expected results: 1) Publishing of Research result on Javan Hawk-eagle including habitat preferences and behaviour; 2) Increasing and developing community ethics on preserving the Javan Hawk-eagle and its habitat; 3) Providing and disseminating of an environmental education manual to local schools with the Javan Hawk-eagle as a flagship species.

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