Project Ifotaka 1999

Barry Ferguson

This Anglo-Malagasy expedition aims to study an un-surveyed patch of endemic spiny forest in southern Madagascar. The team of eight students represent a collaboration between the University of Durham, Tsimbazaza Botanical and zoological park and the Libanona ecology training centre. By focusing on studying the populations, diet and habitat preference of two vulnerable lemur species; Verreaux’s Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi verreauxi) and Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta), the goal is to raise the profile of the zone and include it as a priority area within WWF’s eco-region programme. Species inventories of plants, birds and reptiles will be compiled and the intensity of human impacts to the forest assessed. It is envisaged that via the links made on this primary expedition further project work will be facilitated.

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