Project Ngezi 1998: densities of the endemic birds of Pemba in degraded habitats

Richard Mellamby

The East coast of Africa contains a large number of bird species that occur nowhere else in the world. Many of these endemic species are threatened by loss and alteration of habitat and are vulnerable because of their restricted range. This team from Glasgow University and Commission for Natural Resources (CNR), Zanzibar will focus their attention on the collection, analysis and publication of information on the endemic birds in the Pemba Island Ngezi Forest Reserve. The team also intend to complete a bird survey of Misali island, undertake further survey work on the endemic Pemba flying fox (Pteropus voeltzkowi) and finally survey the butterflies of the Ngezi Forest reserve and nearby areas. The work will allow predictions to be made about the status of the endemic species in future years and assist the CNR to build an effective conservation management plan for the reserve and endemic species it contains.