Project Tutururu 2

Caroline Blanvillain

In 1999 the status of the critically endangered Tutururuí, or Polynesian ground-dove (Gallicolumba erythroptera), was assessed during two expeditions visiting eight islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Data were also collected on the Endangered Tuamotu sandpiper (Prosobonia cancellata) and on introduced predators. A single remaining population of Polynesian ground-dove and Tuamotu sandpiper were found on the only island with no introduced predators. This project will initiate several follow-up conservation actions for these two threatened bird species in collaboration with the society which exploits copra in the Acteon group:

  • Initiate an eradication campaign to establish an additional predator-free island suitable for translocation of Polynesian ground dove and possibly for natural recolonization by Tuamotu sandpiper
  • Protect the existing Tutururu population from human disturbance through the establishment of permanent guardian and initiate a local awareness campaign and training to prevent rat introduction to the island
  • Further research into Tutururu behaviour and ecology
  • Establish a captive security Polynesian ground dove population at Tahiti
  • Additional surveys in Central Tuamotu Archipelago and in the Acteon group
  • Stimulate further local conservation action through an awareness campaign

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