Promoting conservation of amphibians at El Pedregal in Mexico City

Jose M. Serrano Serrano

The Pedregal ecosystem in the south valley of Mexico is one of the richest areas in terms of biodiversity and endemism. The status and threats to this biodiversity is mainly related to urban sprawl therefore, involves the inhabitants of the city and is an essential action for conservation. Our study proposes to improve the knowledge of the diversity and ecology of threatened amphibian species and promote their conservation within this ecosystem. We will conduct a vulnerability assessment to identify threats and conservation opportunities and identify key sites for these species. We will visit the three biggest reserves of Pedregal to obtain information on species ecology, habitat and distribution. Outreach activities will be conducted to promote conservation actions with key decision makers and neighbours of the area. Further, we will develop a social media campaign to promote Pedregal's frog as a flagship species for the south valley of Mexico. This project will generate a strong baseline of information on the ecology, threats and distribution of our focal species. Using this information we will work with reserve managers to develop effective on-going conservation actions.

Publications arising from this project:

Serrano-Serrano et al. 2022