Protecting the threatened Thorntail Mountain Lizard and its habitat in Famatina mountains Argentina

Camila Alejandra Kass

The Thorntail Mountain Lizard (Phymaturus mallimaccii) is a threatened vulnerable endemic species from Famatina mountains (La Rioja, Argentina). The overall goal of this project is to ensure the habitat conservation of this species considering the ambitious plans to restore the mining and quarrying projects in the area. Achieving this goal will safeguard the long-lasting viability of this species. Our purpose is to identify at least one priority conservation area for this species, which can act as a source for different fragmented populations and enhance its metapopulation dynamics. This way, even if habitat fragmentation and destruction by mining projects take place, we still can help the species thrive. The Project Results are: (1) Local communities raised awareness of the value and conservation of local biodiversity and natural resources. (2) At least one priority conservation area for the Thorntail Mountain Lizard is identified. (3) The protection of a portion of suitable habitat for a subpopulation of the Thorntail Mountain Lizard is being promoted by stakeholders. (4) The conservation management plan for the species is published. Besides the direct conservation actions for the species and its habitat, our current project contributes to involving local people in taking active participation in the conservation of the species and their habitat.