Proyecto Hapalopsittaca: study of two Endangered parrots in oak forests, Colombia

Jorge Ivan Velasquez

Two enigmatic Colombian parrot species of the genus Hapalopsittaca are virtually unknown in life and restricted to the threatened montane ecosystems of the Northern Andes. Critically, the threats facing them are little known despite being important Andean Montane Forest flagship species. In view of the species status and state of their habitat and the very real need to implement effective conservation measures, Proyecto Hapalopsittaca will determine H. amazonina and fuertesi population status and ecological preferences, and produce a threat appraisal and highlight and prioritize important areas -critical for producing a Conservation Action Plan to enact targeted effective and efficient conservation action using the parrots as flagships. We'll increase local environmental awareness in the species' zone through a campaign with local communities (posters, etc.) and support two Colombian undergraduates in undertaking their thesis on the parrots. We address the Colombian National Bird Conservation Strategy (2001), recommendations by BirdLife International (1992 & 2000), and the Global Parrot Action Plan (2000-2004). The project will greatly assist designing protected area management strategies and local community involvement with National Parks and Biological Reserve of Cachalú. This will serve as a first step to know more about the specie and its use, and it will serve for further studies and management plans for the protection of this endangered parrot.

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