Survey and assessment of three red listed trees, Western Ghats, Karnataka

S. Gokul

Assessing the population and distribution status is an essential prerequisite for prioritising species for conservation. However, this information is poorly documented for the endemic trees of the Western Ghats. Our study will focus primarily on three poorly known endemic and threatened tree species - Atuna indica, Cynometra beddomei and Madhuca bourdilloni. The purpose of this study is to contribute towards the conservation of these species by enhancing our understanding of their population and distribution status, together with other endemic woody plants of the Western Ghats. We plan to achieve this using a two-step process. Firstly, by carrying out systematic sampling surveys across their potential habitats to gather information on population and distribution of the target species. And secondly, by developing a partnership with the Forest Department by involving them in field surveys and in raising endemic tree saplings at local nurseries. This study will result in enhanced understanding of the population size, distribution and threats to these trees. These findings will be communicated to the Forest Department and used to update the IUCN conservation statuses for each tree. This will contribute to the development of conservation measures leading to the protection of these species and their habitats.