Sea Turtle Conservation: A participatory approach in Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site, Ghana

Prosper Kwame Antwi

Muni-Pomadze is one of Ghana’s five designated Ramsar sites. Aside its rich and diverse biodiversity, it is one of few existing nesting sites for threatened sea turtles in Ghana. This project aims to stimulate and promote community collective action for sea turtle conservation through research, capacity building and awareness creation. Species population data, habitat characterization and key identified threats from the trans-disciplinary research will feed into drafting community management plan for the species. Capacity building for students and community volunteer groups will aid sea turtle monitoring programmes, and awareness creation will enhance local community knowledge on the species. Ultimately, stimulated local action will contribute to reducing the threats to the species thereby conserving them for both marine ecosystem integrity and enhanced local sea turtle ecotourism.