Seychelles conservation expedition 1996

Allan Mee c/o Dr Cresswell

Detailed survey of the status and ecology of the Seychelles White-eye (Zosterops modestus) and Seychelles Fruit-bat (Pteropus s. seychellensis) to determine population size and distribution, identify habitat preferences, feeding preferences and assess actual/potential threats.

Project update: 6/1/96. This survey of the critically threatened Seychelles Grey White-eye (Zosterops modestus) was undertaken from July to September 1996 on Mahe. White-eyes were observed regularly at two sites and a significant population of at least 14 White-eyes was found at a third site. Apart from one sighting of birds at a fourth site, no other confirmed sightings of White-eyes were made despite 471 man hours of surveying all areas with historical records. Combining the number of known birds from the first three sites gives a minimum global population of 25 birds. Ecological information on the species was also gathered.