Sustainable water management for conserving Siberian cranes at Momoge, China

Liu Chunyue

The Siberian crane is an aquatic crane which mainly inhabits wide, shallow wetlands. It is ranked as Critically Endangered by IUCN. Momoge wetland is the largest stopover site for this species in the world. With lack of effective water management, the crane distribution and populations are instable and changeable in this area. This project aims to increase the resilience of wetland biodiversity, especially Siberian cranes through sustainable water management practices that respond to increased water variability. The water management plan will be prepared combining bottom-up and top-down approaches, improved by application of results of applied field studies and reflected in the existing site management plan. Through close collaboration with different stakeholders, staff capacity will be strengthened to ensure effective implementation of sustainable water management. The project outcomes will help sustain globally important wetland ecosystems and their biodiversity, and will provide associated benefits to local communities.

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