Conserving the Endangered silvery-brown tamarin in highly degraded forests

Lina Maria Valencia

Throughout Colombia, primate species suffer from widespread and ongoing habitat fragmentation. The silvery-brown tamarin (Saguinus leucopus), an endemic primate of Colombia, is one of six Colombian primates listed as endangered due to a dramatic reduction of its populations caused by deforestation and the pet trade. Urgent conservation efforts are needed to protect this species whose distribution is restricted to highly degraded areas in the Andean region. This project aims to promote silvery-brown tamarin population recovery and survival in degraded habitats in the Municipality of Norcasia through habitat conservation and community involvement. We will examine the effects of habitat fragmentation on tamarin abundance and habitat use to evaluate the viability of its populations in areas highly degraded by cattle ranching. The project will involve the Environmental State Corporation, cattle ranchers and the local community to assess their views on tamarins, to increase community awareness and raise understanding of alternative cattle ranching strategies. Gathered information will be used to increase scientific knowledge, inform conservation and management decisions and increase local knowledge on this species endemicity and conservation status. This will contribute to conservation efforts that will promote long-term protection of this endangered species and its habitats.