Survey of threatened and restricted range species of Borana Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Anteneh Shimelis

The six globally threatened species studied, restricted to tiny habitats confined within the six IBAs, are severely affected by habitat loss as result of deforestation, overgrazing, and natural and man-made fire. If such a destructive trend is allowed to continue at its current rate it would reach a point where it would be extremely difficult to reverse the process of loss of the already threatened species. The current project recognizes the lack of sufficient and up to date data on the status of the threatened and endemic bird species restricted to southern Ethiopia. To this effect detailed ecological surveys will be conducted to determine the population status and habitat requirement of the species for the first time and known and potential threats would also be assessed. The project will also incorporate field techniques training to post-graduate students, local wildlife offices and members of local community. Awareness will be achieved through presentation of results to local stakeholders, schools in identified sites, locally working NGOs and scientific community. It is also anticipated the results of the expedition will be published in reputable scientific journals.