For sustainable recovery of grey-shanked douc monkeys in Vietnam


To prepare a handbook and train local teachers as a way to increase conservation awareness in the project area.

Project update: “After receiving the final instalment of the KSMA funding, the second training course was carried out for a further 12 local teachers and the staff of the Kon Ka Kinh National Park. The training course focused on eight lessons designed to improve the knowledge of school children aged 12-14 years regarding local wildlife and the National Park. The education team conducted 18 visits to six local schools. About 720 school children attended lectures on wildlife conservation in general, and conservation of the grey-shanked douc monkey in particular. A painting festival was organised in May for three local schools. 180 paintings depicting wildlife, threats and the beauty of the National Park were received. About 60 local school children were brought to Kon Ka Kinh National Park for a visit to learn about wildlife.” Ha Thang Long