Threatened avifauna of the Chicamocha’s dry forest valley, Colombia

Jorge Enrique Parra Bastos

Niceforo’s wren and chestnut-bellied hummingbird are both critically endangered species, endemic to the dry valleys of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia. Although very poorly known, their current distributions are likely to be highly restricted and their remaining forest habitats are under intense anthropogenic pressure. In order to develop an urgently needed and effective conservation strategy for these two species, this student initiative aims to establish the current status of these two species through: accurate determination of their distributions; identification of their principal habitat and resource requirements; clear delineation of current threats; and the collection of relevant data in order to clarify both species taxonomic status. Data will be gathered through informal interviews, quantitative surveys (line transects, mist-netting, plot grid), and detailed ecological studies. This project will produce vital information on the population status and distribution of these two species, as well as conservation activities and environmental education aimed to awake the ecological awareness in the local community.

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