Project Chicamocha II: saving threatened dry forest biodiversity

Jorge Enrique Parra Bastos

The Critically Endangered Niceforo’s Wren and Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird are dependent on remnant forests in the Chicamocha canyon. Niceforo’s Wren is at risk of extinction as none of its habitat is protected and it survives in a few dry forest fragments. Actions are critical as human pressures from goat and cattle farming are destroying their habitat.

In order to put into practice a conservation strategy for the dry forest endemics, the project will establish the first dry forest protected area in the Chicamocha canyon of over 3,700 acres. We will improve the habitat, monitor threatened species and conduct a biodiversity characterization on indicator taxonomic groups. Local community will be working with us during the project. Importantly, support by this Award will leverage $100,000 to acquire properties and establish the reserve.

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