Towards the conservation of the threatened Tandilia Lizard of the Pampas highland grassland

David Gustavo Vera

The Tandilean Lizard, Liolaemus tandiliensis is a threatened (IUCN Vulnerable) and endemic species from the Tandilia Mountains in the Argentinean Pampas. This lizard lives exclusively in the highland grassland associated with rocky outcrops. Most of the original habitat is severely fragmented and the Tandilia lizard is facing a combination of threats which includes urban, agricultural, and quarry expansion over the grassland and the invasion of woody species. With the overall goal of ensuring the long-lasting viability of the Tandilean lizard, our purpose is to increase its habitat, by habitat restoration. To achieve this purpose, we plan to (1) remove woody invasive species, (2) restore abandoned quarries, and (3) reduce bird raptor predation on lizards by removing trees that are functioning as active perches. These actions will improve the conservation status of the Tandilean Lizard.