Empowering tree nurseries to grow threatened species in southern Brazil

Paula de Freitas Larocca

The Araucaria Forest in Brazil contains more than 350 tree species. It is one of the most threatened ecosystems in the Atlantic Forest. As a result, many tree species are highly threatened and need to be re-established in the remaining fragments to promote their long-term survival. Also, only 17% of the ecosystem’s threatened tree species are produced in nurseries, meaning that most threatened species are not included in local restoration projects. Thus, this proposal aims to enable native tree nurseries to grow threatened species and conserve the genetic pool of part of these species. We will achieve this by building capacity needed for nurseries to grow threatened species, through training, donation of seeds and monitoring visits. In addition, we will implement seed orchards of threatened species as a strategy of ex situ genetic conservation. As a result, nurseries will be enabled to increase their production with threatened species in order to feed future restorations projects.