Trinidad 1992

Wendy Rooke

An ecological investigation of the native tree Penny Piece, (Pouteria multiflora), which has edible fruit of potential economic and commercial value. The programme will assess current resource management schemes of the Chaguaramas Development Authority and how native tropical fruits, such as Penny Piece, may be commercialised and incorporated into development plans.

Project update: 21/8/96. Trinidad 1992 investigated the native tree Penny Piece (Pouteria multiflora) whose edible fruit is of potential economic and commercial value. Two sites were studied: Chaguaramas, on the northwest peninsula, and Hollis Reservoir in the centre of the range. The work provided information on: (1) the population ecology of Penny Piece; and (2) the sustainable development potential of the tree. The general conclusion was that Penny Piece would not be suitable for sustainable exploitation in Trinidad. This highlighted factors which should be taken into consideration when assessing the potential extraction of other forest products. Trinidad 1992 generated significant publicity in Trinidad, increasing local awareness of rainforest conservation issues (W. Rooke in litt. 1993).