Turtle population survey and conservation planning for Pulau Pasoso Reserve, Donggala Regency

Rusdin Sinaling

Pulau Pasoso Reserve is a primary turtle nesting ground for Green Turtles and a megopode (Megapodius reindwardtii), among others, in the Donggala Regency of Indonesia. Unfortunately, the reserve designation carries little weight, and Pulau Pasoso is protected in name only. For management planning purposes there is already good survey data on the reefs and terrestrial fauna, but the turtle population data is limited to oral accounts from the island residents and local fishermen, plus sightings by various team members during coral reef survey activities. The main threat to adults occurs outside the Reserve, in the wider West Coast area waters. The Project Pasoso team aims to contribute to long term conservation of the green turtle population by providing much needed quantitative data for effective conservation management of the Chelonia mydas population in the Pulau Pasoso Reserve and the West Coast of Donggala. The project will provide baseline population data for Pulau Pasoso reserve; nesting, habitat and threat data for Balaesang District; recommendations for a green turtle monitoring and conservation plan for Pulau Pasoso Reserve; and further survey/monitoring and conservation management recommendations for the wider project area.