Update of the information on species, criteria and limits of the IBAs of the Americas

Estefania Montesdeoca

The purpose of the internship is to assist in all activities related to the IBA Program in order to obtain an updated database about IBAs in the Americas: review and update the World Bird Database (WBDB), check for inconsistencies in IBA polygon boundaries, review of IBA data and criteria submitted by partners during site updates or new site proposalsSupport the Americas BirdLife partnership and secretariat in KBA proposals and the new KBA database (WDKBA), including Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and any other partner who is willing to submit new proposals. 

Final Report

"Overall, internships can play an important role in advancing the mission of KBA and IBA by building capacity, contributing to ongoing conservation efforts, and fostering a network of professionals who are dedicated to protecting biodiversity. By investing in internships, conservation organizations can create a lasting impact on the future of biodiversity conservation".