Urugua-í green corridor 2002

Nicolás Rey

The project will evaluate the ecological connectivity between two provincial parks of Misiones (Argentina): Urugua-í (84,000 has., Key Bird Area) and Horacio Foerster (4,000 has.). To evaluate this, a series of field surveys focused on forest birds and mammals, especially threatened and endemics, will be carried out. A map of forest remnants and land use will be made, corroborating doubtful classification by surveys. Major threats to the ecological corridor will be identified through interviews with local farmers. The project seeks to identify the value of natural resources as well as the involvement of the local community in the conservation of this green corridor. Some educational activities with children, workshops on sustainable agricultural techniques and community reforestation activities are planned to this order. The community-based conservation activities will be aided by provincial park rangers and FUCEMA (an NGO that started a project of sustainable use of wild fruit trees in the area.)

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