YARÉ II: Yariguíes assessment and research of Endangered species

Blanca Huertas

The Serrania de las Yariguies was biologically unknown until YARE project studied its flora and fauna. We produced first inventories of the massif in all habitats from 150-3,200m above sea level. Multiple new taxa of birds, butterflies and amphibians for science were discovered and published and widely covered by press. Our data provided justification for declaration of 194,806 acre Yariguies National Park and establishment of two Nature Reserves: Cerulean Warbler (544 acres) & Pauxi Pauxi (3,506 acres). Reclassification of status of 3 Critically Endangered birds. Developed several conservation leaders (currently active) and established strong sense of custodianship of natural resources in the community and NGOs.

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