Alumni news & accomplishments 2023

May 30, 2023

Reports and updates


Gopal, A., Bharti, D. K., Page, N., Dexter, K. G., Krishnamani, R., Kumar, A., & Joshi, J. (2023). Range restricted old and young lineages show the southern Western Ghats to be both a museum and a cradle of diversity for woody plants. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290(1997), 20222513.

Ocampo-Ariza, C., Toledo-Hernández, M., Librán-Embid, F., Armenteras, D., Vansynghel, J., Raveloaritiana, E., … & Maas, B. (2023). Global South leadership towards inclusive tropical ecology and conservation. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.

Juan I. Reppucci, Soledad de Bustos, Flavia Caruso, Rocio S. Fleitas Quintana & Pablo G. Perovic (2022) Are white-lipped peccaries from Argentinean Yungas looking to a promising future?, Neotropical Biodiversity, 8:1, 365-370.

Reppucci, J. I., Tellaeche, C. G., Banching, A. L., García Loyola, E., Harvey, E., & Lacey, E. A. . (2022). Primer registro de cururos Spalacopus cyanus (Molina, 1782) (Rodentia: Octodontidae) en la nueva área protegida Estancia Los Manantiales, San Juan, República Argentina. Notas Sobre Mamíferos Sudamericanos4. c

Saboyá Acosta, L. P., & Urbina-Cardona, J. N. (2023). Current State of Knowledge of Páramo Amphibians in Colombia: Spatio Temporal Trends and Information Gaps to Be Strengthened for Effective Conservation. Tropical Conservation Science, 16, 19400829231169984.

Urbina-Cardona, N., Acosta, L. P. S., Camacho-Rozo, C. P., Peña, A. R. A., Arenas-Rodríguez, A., Albarracín-Caro, J. F., … & Zabala-Forero, F. A. (2023). Producción científica sobre la herpetología en Colombia: perspectivas desde los temas de investigación hacia la conservación biológica. Caldasia, 45(1).

Urbina-Cardona, N., Cardona, V. O., & Cuellar, S. (2023). Uncovering thematic biases in ecosystem services mapping: Knowledge shortfalls and challenges for use in conservation. Biological Conservation, 283, 110086.

Vélez-Rubio, G.M.; Prosdocimi, L.; López-Mendilaharsu, M.; Caraccio, M.N.; Fallabrino, A.;
LaCasella, E.L.; Dutton, P.H. Natal Origin and Spatiotemporal Distribution of Leatherback Turtle
(Dermochelys coriacea) Strandings at a Foraging Hotspot in Temperate Waters of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean

Wang, Z., Chan, W. P., Pham, N. T., Zeng, J., Pierce, N. E., Lohman, D. J., & Meng, W. (2023). One in five butterfly species sold online across bordersBiological Conservation283, 110092.

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