Alumni Publications 2021

February 19, 2020

CLP alumni publications featured in our 2021 newsletter issues.

Issue: December 2021

Aziz, S.A., McConkey, K.R., Tanalgo, K., Sritongchuay, T., Low, M.R., Yong, J.Y., Mildenstein, T.L., Nuevo-Diego, C.E., Lim, V.C. and Racey, P.A., 2021. The critical importance of Old World fruit bats for healthy ecosystems and economies. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution9, p.181.

Calle-Rendón, B. R., de Toledo, J. J., Mustin, K., Vasconcelos, I. M. & Hilário, R. R. (2021).  Priority areas for conservation of primates in a threatened Amazonian savanna. Journal for Nature Conservation, Volume 65, 126109.

Emogor, C., Ingram, D.J., Coad, L., et al. (2021). The scale of Nigeria’s involvement in the trans-national illegal pangolin trade: Temporal and spatial patterns and the effectiveness of wildlife trade regulations. Biological Conservation, 264, 109365

Kaushik, M., Tiwari, S., & Manisha, K. (2021). Habitat patch size and tree species richness shape the bird community in urban green spaces of rapidly urbanizing Himalayan foothill region of India. Urban Ecosystems, 1-14.

Sendra, A., Palero, F., Sánchez-García, A., Jiménez-Valverde, A., Selfa, J., Maghradze, E., & Barjadze, S. (2021). A new Diplura species from Georgia caves, Plusiocampa (Plusiocampa) imereti (Diplura, Campodeidae), with morphological and molecular data. European Journal of Taxonomy, 778(1), 71-85.

Zaragozaa, J. A., Novákb, J., Gardinic, G., Maghradze, E., & Barjadze, Sh. (2021). The taxonomic status of the Caucasian cave-dwelling pseudoscorpion Chthonius satapliaensis (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones), Zoology in the Middle East, 67:4, 356-364.

Issue: September 2021

Aditya, V., Goswami, R., Mendis, A., & Roopa, R. (2021). Scale of the issue: Mapping the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on pangolin trade across India. Biological Conservation257, 109136.

Aditya, V., Komanduri, K. P., Subhedar, R., & Ganesh, T. (2021). Integrating camera traps and community knowledge to assess the status of the Indian pangolin Manis crassicaudata in the Eastern Ghats, IndiaOryx, 1-7.

Akash, M., Trageser, T., Zakir, T., Rahman, S. C., Mila, F-T-Z. K., & Ghose, A. (2021). Detecting the spots: A review on leopard occurrences in Bangladesh. Cat News 73: accepted

Akash, M., Zakir, T., Biswas, J., Shafi, S.M., Ahmed, S., & Alam, M.S. (2021) Globally vulnerable small-clawed otter in northeast Bangladesh: Activity pattern of a newly discovered population in a human-dominated, riparian, mixed-evergreen forest. The 12th Student Conference on Conservation Science. Bengaluru chapter. accepted.

Bates, A. E., Primack, R. B., Duarte, C. M., & PAN-Environment Working Group. (2021). Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment. Biological Conservation, 109175.

Boissat, L., Thomas-Walters, L., & Veríssimo, D. (2021). Nature documentaries as catalysts for change: Mapping out the ‘Blackfish Effect’. People and Nature,

Duarte, L., Urbina-Cardona, N., & Saboyá-Acosta, L. (2021). Anuran assemblages and spatial heterogeneity in a paramo ecosystem of Colombia. Caldasia 43(1): 126–137.

Emerson Gonçalves Dias, E.G., da Costa, E.F., Roberto, I.J., & Santos, E.M. (2021). Behavioural parental care repertoire in Frostius pernambucensis (Anura, Bufonidae). Journal of Natural History, 55:9-10, 515-529.

Garwood K., Huertas B., Ríos-Málaver I.C., Jaramillo J.G. (2021). Mariposas de Colombia Lista de chequeo/Checklist of Colombian Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea). BioButterfly Database. V1. 300 pp. Disponible en / Available at

Marroquín-Páramo, J.A., Urbina-Cardona, J.N., Benítez-Malvido, J., & Suazo-Ortuño, I. (2021). Cumulative effects of high intensity hurricanes on herpetofaunal assemblages along a tropical dry forest chronosequence. Forest Ecology and Management 417: 118505.

Narasimmarajan, K., Hayward, M.W., and Mathai, M.T. (2021). Assessing the Occurrence and Resource Use Pattern of Smooth-Coated Otters Lutrogale Perspicillata Geoffroy (Carnivora, Mustelidae) in the Moyar River of the Western Ghats Biodiversity HotspotIUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 38 (1): 43 – 58.

Nielsen, K.S., Marteau, T.M., Bauer, J.M., et al. (2021). Biodiversity conservation as a promising frontier for behavioural science. Nature Human Behaviour, 5, 550–556.

Ram, M.A., Caughlin, T.T., & Roopsind, A. (2021). Active restoration leads to rapid recovery of aboveground biomass but limited recovery of fish diversity in planted mangrove forests of the North Brazil Shelf. Restoration Ecology,

Thong, V. D., Nha, P. V., Tien, P. D., Luong, N. T., Dang, N. X., Nghia, N. X., Southaphanh, S., Thongphachanh, L., Dung, D. T., Khu, N. X., & Viet, N. V. (2021). Horseshoe bat species recorded in the mangrove ecosystem of the Cat Ba National Park, Northern VietnamAcademia Journal of Biology, 43 (2), 127-133.

Thong, V. D., Denzinger, A., Nguyen, V. S., Nguyen, T.T.H., Hoang, T.T., Dao, N.L., et al. (2021). Bat Diversity in Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve, Northeastern Vietnam: A Review with New Records from Mangrove Ecosystem. Diversity, 13, 376.

Vergara-Rios, D., Montes-Correa, A. C., Urbina-Cardona, J. N., De Luque-Villa, M., E. Cattan, P., & Granda, H. D. (2021). Local community knowledge and perceptions in the Colombian Caribbean towards Amphibians in urban and rural settings: tools for biological conservation. Ethnobiology and Conservation,

Zakir, T., Debbarma, H., Mahjabin, R., Debbarma, R., Khan, Z., Minu, M.M.R., Zahura, F.T., & Akash, M. (2021). Are northeastern forests of Bangladesh empty? Insights from camera-trapping into spatiotemporal activity pattern of mammals in a semi-evergreen national park. Mammal Study 46(4): 10.3106/ms2020-0114

Issue: May 2021

Aditya, V., Komanduri, K. P., Subhedar, R., & Ganesh, T. (2020). Integrating camera traps and community knowledge to assess the status of the Indian pangolin Manis crassicaudata in the Eastern Ghats, India. Oryx, 1-7.

Akash, M., Palash, A., Urmy, N.J., et al. (2021). Bangladesh Gets New Marine Fish (Actinopterygii: Teleostei): First Observation of Seven Species from Rocky Tidal Habitats of the St. Martin’s Island, Bay of Bengal. Thalassas: An International Journal of Marine Sciences, 37, 255–265.

Calle-Rendón, B. R., de Toledo, J. J., Mustin, K., & Hilário, R. R. (2020). Drivers of primate richness and occurrence in a naturally patchy landscape in the Brazilian Amazon. Biodiversity and Conservation, 29(11), 3369-3391.

Fierro-Calderón, E. & K. Fierro-Calderón. (2020). First record of Psittacara erythrogenys (Psittacidae) in Colombia. Caldasia, 42(2), 347-349.

Martens, J., Maghradze, E., & Barjadze, Sh. (2021). Two new species of the genus Nemaspela Šilhavý from caves in Georgia (Opiliones: Nemastomatidae). Zootaxa, 4951 (3): 541-558

Narasimmarajan, K., Hayward, M.W., & Mathai, M.T. (2021). Assessing the occurrence and resource use pattern of smooth-coated otters Lutrogale perspicillata Geoffroy (Carnivora, Mustelidae) in the Moyar River of the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot. IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 38, 45-58.

Nuon, V., Lek, S., Ngor, P. B., So, N., & Grenouillet, G. (2020). Fish community responses to human-induced stresses in the lower mekong basin. Water (Switzerland), 12(12), 1–21.

Pati, S., Shahimi, S., Atan Edinur, H., Acharya, D., Dash, B. P., & Nelson, B. R. (2020). Extraction of people’s perception towards horseshoe crab existence in northeast coast of IndiaFrontiers in Marine Science7, 924.

Pati, S., Shahimi, S., Nandi, D., Sarkar, T., Acharya, S. N., Sheikh, H. I. … Dash, B. P. (2021). Predicting Tachypleus gigas Spawning Distribution with Climate Change in Northeast Coast of India. Journal of Ecological Engineering, 22(3), 91–100.

Ravikanth, G., Aditya, V., & Shaanker, R. U. (2020). Biodiversity in and around farmlands. Economic & Political Weekly55(49), 35.

Sastraprawira, S.M., Shahimi, S., Pati, S., Edinur, H.A., Akbar-John, B., Ahmad A., Martin, M.B., Chong, J.L., Nelson, B.R. (2020). A review on introduced Cichla spp. and emerging concerns. Heliyon, 6(11), E05370.

Silvestre, S. M., Setchell, J. M., Calle‐Rendón, B. R., de Toledo, J. J., & Hilário, R. R. (2020). The occurrence of the red‐handed howler monkey (Alouatta belzebul) in Amazonian savannas is related to forest patch area and density of flooded area palms. American Journal of Primatology, 82(12), e23210.

Supsup, C. E., Asis, A. A., Carestia, U.V. Jr. , Puna, N. M., and Avanceña, J. B. (2021). Geographic distribution, population and conservation status of Tragulus nigricans, an endangered mouse deer endemic to the western Philippines. Pacific Conservation Biology,

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