Free online course launched for budding conservationists

September 16, 2015

UNited for Wildlife course 2015

An online course launched this week will provide free conservation education to people around the world and encourage them to get involved.

The United for Wildlife collaboration has  launched an online course this week that provides entry-level conservation education to people around the world. The ‘Introducing Conservation’ course is completely free to access, and consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: Understanding conservation
  • Module 2: People and conservation
  • Module 3: Conservation innovation
  • Module 4: Take action

The first two modules are available now, with modules three and four to be released later in the year. Over 900 people have already signed up to take the course since the beta release of the first module.

The course has been developed by the United for Wildlife partners as part of the collaboration’s work to engage young people in conservation and inspire them to take action.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) and the Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) have played an important part in the development of the course, providing input and presenters such as Kiragu Mwangi, Programme Manager CLP, who describes the benefits of the course,

There are a lot of people interested to learn more about nature conservation in a simplified way that connects with their day to day living and at their own pace. This online course is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to such people in millions, providing environmental education to positively change attitudes and behaviour in favour of nature conservation that also improve human wellbeing.”

FFI has been supporting emerging conservation leaders for more than 30 years, through initiatives such as the Conservation Leadership Programme, the Masters in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge, and the University Capacity Building project in Cambodia.

Through its involvement with United for Wildlife (a collaboration between seven global conservation organisations and the Royal Foundation), FFI is extending this support to an even wider community of budding conservationists.

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