Coral reef conservation in the largest Brazilian Marine Protected Area

Pedro Henrique Cipresso Pereira

Coral reefs are threatened by pressure from tourists, overfishing, pollution, and climate change. Due to this series of impacts, reefs have been dramatically reduced all around the world and up to 50% of those areas could be lost in the next decades. Reef zoning is a major strategy for coral reef conservation with a series of successful examples worldwide. Following a previous CLP project, this Follow-Up project will measure zoning effectiveness inside the MPA and promote local community and general public information on existing zoning areas. In doing so, the team will understand whether zoning measures are effective or respected. By using a combination of scientific diving for coral and fish data collection, workshops for public engagement and environmental awareness our project will increase ecological data on zoning effectivity and the number of locals engaged on zoning regulations and conservation aspects. Ultimately, this project aims to promote coral reef conservation, research, public awareness and social integration towards healthy reefs on Costa dos Corais in northeast Brazil.

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