Zoning, conservation and research on Brazilian coral reefs

Pedro Henrique CIpresso Pereira

This project aims to perform zoning, conservation and research actions on a threatened coral reef complex in the north-eastern Brazil an area of great importance to marine biodiversity with many IUCN CR and EN species. The main aims of the project are (1) Actual zoning implementation and oversight of a reef area, (2) Display monthly underwater visual census analyzing fish and corals communities aiming for a long term monitoring (3) Empower community members to act as field agents conducting surveillance in the reef; (4) Oversee and monitor the area to avoid impacts caused by tourism and (5) Disseminate environmental education material for conservation project. This project will have the full support of Brazilian decision-makers, the local community and the academic community. This holistic vision will allow us to promote the real conservation of coral reefs by integrating and involving the shareholders aiming at a long-term conservation focused on the lack of zoning and research, as well as reducing directs impacts of disordered tourist activities.

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