Conserving Endangered frog species in Somuncura Plateau, Patagonia, Argentina

Federico Pablo Kacoliris

The Somuncura plateau is home to two highly threatened species, the Somuncura frog and the Valcheta frog. Currently no conservation efforts are being conducted to protect these frogs and information about this issue is unavailable to the local community. Our purpose is to improve the conservation of these endangered species by making them flagships for the area. We will build occupancy models using habitat variables and threats as covariates. We will conduct educational activities amongst the local communities and promote activities to protect the frogs’ habitats. This project will identify habitat preferences, threats and their impacts on frogs’ populations. Educational activities will engage local people through a stronger connection with locally endemic species. Conservation activities will alleviate the threats to the frogs. This project will work towards the long lasting viability of these frogs and their habitats which will ultimately result in the effective protection of the Somuncura plateau.

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