Monitoring and habitat rehabilitation for Sharpe’s longclaw in Kinangop, Kenya

Martin Wachira Mwangi

This project will contribute towards efforts to conserve the unique highland Kinangop Grasslands Nature Reserve and its unique biodiversity. The grasslands are a stronghold of the Endangered Sharpe's longclaw and home to other important avifauna including Grey-crowned Crane (Endangered), Aberdare cisticola (Vulnerable), and Jackson's and Long-tailed widowbirds (Range Restricted). The remaining grasslands are highly fragmented, the effects of which impact the Aberdare Mountains and Lake Naivasha. Parallel to the decline of grasslands is the decline of biodiversity. Despite the importance of these grasslands, there are big ecological and natural history knowledge gaps, which hinder effective conservation initiatives.

The project seeks to conserve these unique grasslands by slowing and reversing habitat loss and degradation, and the associated population declines and biodiversity loss. The aim is to build the capacity of local youngsters to monitor and document the biodiversity of the grasslands, as well as share lessons learnt to raise environmental and education awareness. This will help inform effective conservation decisions to improve the quantity and quality of the grassland habitat.

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