Sharpes Longclaw and African People; Conservation through Co-existence in Kinangop Plateau Kenya

Martin Wachira Mwangi

This project will be implemented in Kinangop Plateau, a grassland Important Bird Area which joins two high biodiversity sites Aberdare Mountains and Lake Naivasha. The grasslands are stronghold habitat of endangered Sharpe’s Longclaw and home to other important avifauna including Grey-crowned Crane (endangered), Aberdare Cisticola (Vulnerable) in a list of close to 200 other birds. Conversion of grasslands to cultivated farms and other land uses is the major threat to the grasslands. Only less than 5% of this IBA remain suitable grassland. The remaining grasslands are highly over utilized and fragmented. Parallel to the decline of grasslands, are declines of biodiversity and birds’ populations disproportionately larger subjecting the local community to increased vulnerability to climate change. Despite their importance, there is a big conservation intervention gap. This project will increase the extent and quality of grasslands through strengthening livestock rearing which is compatible to conservation, develop and operationalize a Sharpe’s action plan and increase residents actively participating in sustainable grassland conservation.

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