Promoting sustainable fishing in Sumbawa, Indonesia

Ida Ansharyani

Around 85% of the coral reefs in Indonesia are in poor condition. Sumbawa Island, Indonesia lies within the coral triangle. Most of the coral reef here has been destroyed by destructive and unsustainable fishing practices. Yet, there are very few attempts to promote sustainable fishing through programmes that involve the fishing community. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to promote sustainable fishing through outreach and education programmes in fishing communities around the Kramat, Bedil, and Temudong Islands (KABETE) marine conservation areas in the Sumbawa District. To achieve the aim of this project, we will:

  1. Develop locally-relevant education modules and outreach materials;
  2. Raise the knowledge and awareness of the local youth in the KABETE Education Centre and fishing community about sustainable fishing using modules and outreach materials, intergenerational interactive discussions, a series of festivals, outdoor and indoor activities, and;
  3. Develop and agree on a monitoring mechanism with relevant stakeholders to monitor occurrences of (un)sustainable fishing practices in the project site.

The modules and outreach materials produced in this project will be used to promote sustainable fishing throughout the wider community/areas. The monitoring mechanism will help to track the impacts of the sustainable fishing campaign and education programmes.

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