Protecting priority nesting sites for Craveri’s murrelet in Mexico

Yuliana Rocío Bedolla Guzmán

Through our previous CLP project, we assessed the conservation status of the Craveri’s murrelet in the Gulf of California, Mexico, and developed a conservation action plan to address its main threats. We found that the risk of introduction and reintroduction of invasive mammals to breeding sites is one of its main threats. To reduce the risk of extinction of Craveri’s murrelet, in 2018 we collaborated with stakeholders to develop the Island Biosecurity Protocol for the Midriff Islands, but currently, local communities are not involved in its implementation. To address this, we will promote the implementation of biosecurity measures with stakeholders of two key communities (Bahía de Kino and Bahía de los Ángeles). We will conduct workshops with community leaders, training courses with island administrators, and a communication strategy on social media. The final products will be a specific and succinct protocol for each community jointly developed by stakeholders, four administrators with capacities to implement biosecurity measures, and community leaders aware of the impacts of invasive alien species and deep knowledge of biosecurity measures. This project will develop and implement priority conservation actions to protect the Craveri’s murrelet breeding habitat.

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