Creating a roadmap for China’s mining sector to reduce net biodiversity loss

Jinyu Yang

WCS has launched an effort to develop strategies to engage with China’s business stakeholders and prioritize biodiversity in their overseas investment. Mining is one of the key focus sectors of this initiative, which involves working with relevant stakeholders to develop commitments and a roadmap for China’s mining sector towards reducing biodiversity net loss in their overseas investments or projects.

This intern will work with the WCS team to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing practices of mining, primarily through literature review, data collection and analysis. The training materials, reports, and recommendations produced will help WCS achieve its biodiversity commitment at the global level. This internship will enhance WCS China’s efforts to support the commitment and roadmap development under this initiative.

Final Report

"This internship has increased my knowledge and experience in biodiversity conservation, as well as some scientific ways to reduce biodiversity loss, such as the hierarchical mitigation method, which broadens my knowledge and makes me begin to consider and balance how to better solve conflicts and contradictions between the economic interests and environmental protection issues"