Saving the Endangered giant West African squeaker frog in Ghana

Gilbert Baase Adum

The Endangered giant West African squeaker frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) is in immediate danger of extinction as only 12 individuals are known to exist, all within logging concessions in western Ghana’s Sui River Forest Reserve. Throughout the habitat ranges it is threatened by logging; however, no information is available for its conservation. This project through SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana aims to provide biological data necessary to contribute to the squeaker frog’s long-term existence. We will combine field surveys and occupancy modelling to investigate its population size and structure, and its priority conservation areas. With this information, we will involve local stakeholders in developing guidelines that will ensure that its critical habitats are protected from logging activities. We will also launch an education programme to increase awareness among local stakeholders to ensure that they are involved in its conservation.

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