Karla G. Hernandez-Aguilar

Karla joined the CLP team in November 2023 while finishing her PhD in Geography at the University of Nottingham. Karla’s PhD research focused on the impact of climate change in agricultural food systems within indigenous territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. Particularly, she worked toward better understanding the factors shaping the use and adaptation of knowledge systems (both indigenous and scientific) by Maya Yucatec farmers to build resilience to the impacts of climate change. Before her PhD, Karla worked in Belize and Mexico for several years managing local programmes and projects focused on biodiversity and community-based conservation, indigenous knowledge, environmental justice, capacity building, and protected areas management. Karla is passionate about environmental research and linking knowledge systems for action through participatory and transdisciplinary approaches. This has led her to collaborate with different local and indigenous groups to co-create a variety of educational materials and deliver training courses intersecting both indigenous and scientific knowledge. She has an MSc in Conservation Leadership with a focus in community-based conservation from Colorado State University and a BSc in Biology with a focus in protected areas management and conservation of endemic species from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).  

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