Nathalia Santana

Nathalia Santana is a full time Program Coordinator for the Learning Leadership for Conservation (LLC). Nathalia graduated with an M.S in Global Affairs from New York University back in 2017. Since then, Nathalia has worked with non-profits in the NYC area and in Uganda, focusing on leadership development for the youth. Nathalia taught ecology in Uganda, and developed different projects in the Kikaaya Secondary School, such as water tank instillations, refurbishment of the school library, and creating the first sponsorship program for the school. Nathalia is currently back in school receiving a second M.S degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation at Hunter College and is expected to graduate in the fall of 2023. In her off time, Nathalia enjoys watching baseball with her family (Red Sox) and traveling when presented the chance. Nathalia’s last trip was to the Galapagos Islands back in May 2022, which has inspired her to get a scuba diving certification, and to return next year to be able to swim with scalloped hammerheads in the area (she is open to any scuba diving classes that are recommended). Nathalia’s role as a program coordinator will include but not limited to supporting training, logistics, and event planning for CLP, SMART and other LLC funded capacity building trainings, as well as supporting the design and delivery of online and in-person engagement activities.

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