Call for applications: CLP Team Awards 2017

September 29, 2016


The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is delighted to announce that it is now accepting applications for CLP 2017 Team Awards.

The need to conserve threatened species and habitats has never been more urgent. And there is a correspondingly urgent need for the conservation sector itself to support the people who are committed to this career path in undertaking field research, developing practical skills and achieving positive outcomes for the world’s threatened biodiversity. From now until the end of November 2016, CLP is accepting applications from early-career conservationists who want to be part of our growing network of leaders engaged in advancing scientific knowledge, bringing about important changes in human behaviour and delivering measurable results that contribute to more effective conservation and management of our natural world.

CLP Future Conservationist Awards offer funding of US$12,500 to teams of early-career conservationists to conduct projects on species that are categorised as Data Deficient, Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Projects must take place in one of 22 eligible countries*, be led (or co-led) by a national of one of these countries, involve a minimum of three people and last no more than 12 months. Winners of previous CLP Team Awards that have taken place in eligible countries can apply for Follow Up (US$20,000) or Leadership Awards (US$40,000).

The CLP Management Team is very open to hearing from and supporting applicants pre-submission, so do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to have the support of CLP Ambassadors (all of them previous award winners) who are also on hand to provide advice to applicants. CLP Ambassador support has proved very beneficial in the past, as this blog by one recent winner demonstrates!


In addition to providing project funding, CLP will invite one member of each award-winning team, all expenses paid, to our international training course where they will learn about a range of conservation management and leadership topics as well as sharing knowledge and experiences with other early-career conservationists. Our training course helps award winners to deliver their CLP projects and has also been credited with furthering participants’ career progression. It is a rewarding and life-changing experience!

Visit the CLP website for more information about the 2017 Team Awards, including the eligibility criteria, applications forms and Frequently Asked Questions.

*Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Oman, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam

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