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Conservation Leadership Awards

The call for 2015 CLP proposals has been postponed until early 2015. Please be sure to check here often for updated information. Take note that CLP will have a narrowed country focus for 2015, which will include the following 22 countries: Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Oman, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam. Contact CLP at with any questions.

After completing a Conservation Follow-up project, CLP award winners are eligible to apply for a Conservation Leadership Award. Applications for Leadership Awards will only be considered once a full final report, financial report and evaluation form have been submitted for the CLP Follow-up project.

Prior to applying, applicants should read our Frequently Asked Questions document . Also, refer to our Guidelines, Eligibility Criteria, and Application from last year to start preparing. All of these documents will be updated for our 2015 call soon.

The idea of the Conservation Leadership Award is to enable teams that have been supported in the past to consolidate (or connect together) their previous project successes by creating something longer-term, which is more practical and conservation oriented than research oriented. These awards aim to provide more substantial resources to first-rate innovative and original projects that build long-term capacity for conservation in the project area, while offering the team valuable developmental experience.

As part of the award, one representative from each award winning team will be invited to participate in an international training course presented by the CLP. The course will include modules to develop leadership, project management, education, facilitation and communication skills. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to share their experience and build a global network.

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