Conservation Leadership Award

The Conservation Leadership Award is available to CLP project teams that have received both Future Conservationist Awards and Conservation Follow-Up awards.

Grants are up to $40,000, with coaching support, to undertake complex conservation projects that connect previous work and typically focus on creating enduring systems to ensure conservation outcomes in the long-term, for example creating a new, self-supporting NGO. Applications for Leadership Awards will only be considered once a full final report, financial report and evaluation form have been submitted for the CLP Follow-up project.

Award winners should be high potential early to mid-career conservationists, who through training and experience are now able to build the capacity of others. Projects should be sustainable and effective, increasing the viability of threatened populations and influencing national policy.

In 2015, CLP funding is available to teams conducting projects in the following countries:

Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey

Latin America & Caribbean
Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico

Asia & Pacific
China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Middle East
Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, United Arab Emirates

As part of the award, one representative from each award winning team will be invited to participate in an international training course presented by CLP. The course will include modules to develop leadership, project management, education, facilitation and communication skills. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to share their own experiences and build a global network.

*** How to apply ***
All applications must be submitted via CLP’s online application portal by 00.00hrs (GMT) on Monday 23 February.

Prior to applying, applicants should read our Frequently Asked Questions and application guidelines.

Please note: These documents are intended to be used only as a resource to allow applicants to familiarise themselves with the CLP application materials. Final applications MUST be submitted in English using the CLP online application site.


Conservation Leadership Award Guidelines 2015

Conservation Leadership Award 2015 Application Form


2015 Leadership Award Guidelines Arabic

Leadership Award 2015 Application Form Arabic


2015 Leadership Award Guidelines Chinese

Leadership Award 2015 Application Form Chinese


2015 Leadership Award Guidelines French

Leadership Award 2015 Application Form French


2015 Leadership Award Guidelines Portuguese

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2015 Leadership Award Guidelines Russian

Leadership Award 2015 Application Form Russian


2015 Leadership Award Guidelines Spanish

Leadership Award 2015 Application Form Spanish