Future Conservationist Award

The Future Conservationist Award is granted to teams carrying out high-priority conservation projects lasting between three and 12 months. Winning teams will receive grants of up to $12,500 as well as training and support throughout their projects.

Please be aware that the CLP application cycle for 2018 grants is delayed. We cannot guarantee that the same species and countries as last year will be eligible. In order to hear when the call for applications is out and about other funding opportunities, please follow us on FacebookTwitter, and subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you!


Projects should improve local knowledge, skills and attitudes concerning conservation, and reduce threats to biodiversity. The results from the projects should inform national action plans and international conservation priorities.

As part of the award, winning teams are able to access expertise from within each of the three conservation partner organisations and via our Alumni Network that includes past award winners. Programme staff members are also available to advise on project implementation, including guidance required during the planning and team training stages.