CLP is proud to have supported some of the leading lights in conservation and it is always a great pleasure to find out how their careers are progressing.

Past award winners often credit CLP with catalysing their successful careers. Many of them are now working full time in the conservation sector within national and international NGOs, universities, research organisations and private companies as biodiversity consultants. Several CLP alumni are now directing country-wide, regional and global programmes of work.

Conservation Leadership Award

Evidence that success breeds success

Chamnan Kim, December 2009

Conservation Leadership Award Reptile
Chamnan is a member of the Cambodian Turtle Conservation Team which has received three CLP awards since 2004. Although he wasn't in the initial Future Conservationist project, he has...Read interview with Chamnan Kim

Conservation Leadership Award Reptile
Future Conservationist Award

Flying high with Philippine eagles

Jayson Ibanez, September 2009

Future Conservationist Award Bird
One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending the SCB conference is the unique opportunity to meet so many CLP alumni under one roof, and attending their oral and...Read interview with Jayson Ibanez

Future Conservationist Award Bird